Getting Around Without a Car

There are plenty of alternative ways to travel around other than using the car. Here are some ideas on travel choices which save you money, make you more independent and encourage you to be more active as well.

Travel Devon is a one stop shop for all your travel requirements in Devon. On this site, you can find links to help you plan your journey in Devon, whether it is by foot, bike, bus or train.

You may not be able to swap every car journey for a bus/train/ bike journey, but try to swap some of your car journeys where you can. Building active travel habits will save you money, but have long term health benefits too!

Here are some interesting thoughts:
Did you know that you can extend your life by as much as 7 years if you walk 2.5 hrs a week?
Kam Marwaha lost 3 stone by changing her travel habit of driving to work and walked instead!
Sir Alan Sugar shed a few pounds after he discovered the joys of cycling!
Cycling is known to release endorphins – which are hormones that make you feel happy.
Cycling or walking regularly is linked to higher academic achievement!
Lots of discount options for young rail and bus users – check them out at your college or with the rail and bus providers!
You can text and chat with your friends on the bus and train. If you drive you’ll have to concentrate and not be distracted.
Cycle Training – level 3 is the closest test you can do to a driving test. You learn about sharing the road with other road users, you learn to cycle along busier road sections/ roundabouts and you can do this course with your friends. You might also pick up a thing or two about looking after your bike. Most importantly this course is FREE!

Visit the Travel Devon pages to help you plan your journey.

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