Under Car Lighting and the Law

Many individuals who are fans of car modding are keen to put neons under their car. It does look good and it certainly makes the car stand out in the evening, but most people aren't aware of the laws involved in doing so. In theory, under car lights are legal if:-

You are unable to see the actual tubes - the glow from the lights are fine, but seeing the actual tubes is illegal.
The lights must not cause a distraction to yourself or others - the lights can be deemed to be a distraction anyway, but many people will be subjective on this. The reason they must not cause a distraction is clearly to prevent accidents and to keep people safe on the road.

Always remember that although it may be annoying for you to be deemed unsafe on the road due to this particular mod, it is important to realise that the police are simply trying to keep the road safe. This is also true for interior neons, which can be seen to reduce visibility because of the reflection in the windscreen.

Tinted Windows - Safety and the Law

Tinted windows have been around in cars for a long time and there still remains some confusion as to what level of tint is legal. Often, you will see cars driving around with very dark tints, yet be told that they are dangerous, as they restrict proper vision from the vehicle. The law is actually relatively straightforward.

 The law states that you are not allowed to tint your windscreen or your front windows at all. Any tinting that is carried out, forward of the middle of the car is illegal. However, you can if your wish tint the back windows and rear windscreen to any level you choose.
The new law was brought in on 1st January 2004 after a serious accident between a motorbike and a car with dark tints occurred. It was concluded that the car was at fault as it was difficult to see out of the dark tints.
If you have windows tinted at the front, you can expect to be pulled over by the Police and they are fully within their right to ask you to have it removed. Even if your tints were carried out before the lawn came into being, you will still need to abide by it.


Laser/Radar Detectors and Traffic Safety

Fitting a police laser/radar detector to your car is generally not about being safe on the road. No matter what most people say, it is usually to simply ensure that you know where the speed traps are and can slow down before them. This generally means that you regularly drive too fast, which is never a good thing for safety on the road. Legally, you can use radar/laser detectors in the UK, but not many countries throughout Europe.
Staying safe on the road should be paramount in every drivers mind. However, many of us of course want to mod our car and make it stand out from the crowd. If you are doing so, make sure you are aware of the laws mentioned about and of course always let your insurance company know if you have carried out any mods to your vehicle. This will keep you safe and other drivers safe should you be involved in an accident.

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